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Voice of the two sessions: support the development of new energy vehicles, and resolutely fight the blue sky.

2018-08-30(1275) Hits

  In his report on the work of the government, Premier Li Keqiang pointed out: "resolutely fight the blue sky." It is everyone's duty to control fog and haze. With the unremitting efforts of the whole society, the blue sky will grow up year by year. " It immediately triggered a heated social debate, reflecting the people's urgent desire to speed up the improvement of the ecological environment, especially the air quality.

  The development of new energy vehicles is an important means to promote China's industrial transformation and upgrading, promote energy conservation and emission reduction, and control air pollution. With the vigorous support of the central finance and the joint efforts of all parties, China's new energy automobile industry has gradually developed from scratch and become a new green economic growth point.

  Since 2009, the central government has strongly supported the promotion of new energy vehicles.

  From 2009 to 2012, a pilot project of "1000 vehicles in ten cities" was launched to encourage and guide the purchase and use of new energy vehicles in the areas of public transport, sanitation and rental through financial subsidies.


  From 2013 to 2015, the scope of implementation was extended from some cities to the whole country.


  From 2016 to 2020, according to the "Guiding Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Accelerating the Promotion and Application of New Energy Vehicles" and other documents, we will continue to give financial support to the promotion of new energy vehicles, further raise the threshold of subsidies, lower the standards of subsidies, and embody the policy orientation of supporting superiority and strengthening.

  At present, the central finance has gradually established a systematic policy system. Fiscal policy design pays attention to expanding the scale of market sales, improving the development quality of the entire industry, and promoting the improvement of R&D capability, technical level and product quality of enterprises.

  Consumer side: support consumers to purchase and use new energy vehicles by means of financial subsidies.

  Operation side: fixed subsidy for the operation of the new energy bus.

  Infrastructure: the city with a large amount of promotion and better charging facilities will be rewarded to speed up the improvement of the charging facilities network.

  Research and development: vigorously support the new design and development of new energy vehicle models and power batteries and other key components research and development and industrialization.

  Other aspects: The central government has also steadily increased its support for the new energy automobile industry in the areas of taxation, construction of standards and regulations, and advanced manufacturing.

  Overall, the development of new energy vehicles in China is good.

  Industrial technology has greatly improved - according to relevant associations, the core technical indicators of power batteries "single energy density" has reached 220 watt-hour / kg, 1.8 times higher than in 2012, while production costs have decreased by 60%. Key technical indicators such as vehicle mileage, energy consumption level, safety and stability have improved significantly.

  Some leading enterprises have emerged - from the initial joint ventures and imported parts mainly, now the dominant brand. In 2016, BYD, Geely and Beiqi entered the top 10 of global sales of new energy passenger cars. New energy passenger cars are sold to more than 30 countries and 160 cities.

  romotion has increased significantly - China's production and sales of new energy vehicles from less than 500 vehicles before 2009 to 500,000 vehicles by 2016, has become a producer and seller of new energy vehicles for two consecutive years. Consumer recognition of new energy vehicles continues to improve.

  The pace of construction of charging facilities has been accelerated - the enthusiasm of local governments and social capital has been effectively mobilized. Many cities have incorporated the construction land of charging facilities into urban development planning and land use planning, and the proportion of charging piles has been defined.

  The Ministry of Finance, in conjunction with the relevant departments, has revised and improved the subsidy policy and supervision measures to solve the problem of fraudulent subsidies for new energy vehicles.

  On the premise of maintaining the overall stability of the subsidy policy, we should raise the technical threshold of enterprises and products, reduce the subsidy standards of some models appropriately, further highlight the policy orientation of supporting the superior and supporting the strong, promote enterprises to continuously improve their technical level, form a competitive market pattern of survival of the fittest, perfect the supervision mechanism, and strictly supervise and inspect. To ensure sustained and healthy development of the industry.