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Statistical analysis of public charging piles in various provinces and municipalities

2018-08-30(1742) Hits

  Recently, the State Grid started the second bidding procurement of materials for the 2017 power supply project, which will purchase more than 3,800 sets of charging equipment to meet the charging needs of electric vehicles. It is widely expected that 800,000 new charging piles will be added in 2017 (including 700,000 special piles and 100,000 public piles).

  As of February 2017, members of the China Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Promotion Alliance have reported a total of 151062 public charging piles, including 54919 AC charging piles, 38490 DC charging piles and 57653 AC and DC charging piles. 2826 public charging piles were added in February 2017 compared with January 2017. From March 2016 to February 2017, an average of 7,587 new public recharging facilities were added monthly, an increase of 151.7% over the same period in February 2017. Actual monthly public charging facilities and ring data are shown below.

  The top 10 public rechargeable piles in provincial administrative areas are: 22748 in Beijing, 22297 in Guangdong, 17303 in Shanghai, 16999 in Jiangsu, 12990 in Shandong, 7760 in Hebei, 7370 in Anhui, 7060 in Tianjin, 5542 in Zhejiang and 4605 in Hubei.。

  As of February 2017, a total of 76777 private charging piles, 76766 AC charging piles and 11 DC charging piles have been reported by the vehicle enterprises of the alliance members.

  As of February 2017, 52365 car piles were sampled by the whole vehicle enterprises (Beiqi, Jianghuai, Dongfeng Nissan, Chang'an, Dongfeng Electric, Chery, BYD and SAIC) and 12.01% of them were not equipped with charging piles because of "no fixed parking space in their residence". Compared with 6.05%, 2.88% were unable to construct charging piles because of the "incompatibility of residential property", 2.48% were unable to construct charging piles because of the "difficulty of reloading and connecting residential property", 0.21% were unable to construct charging piles because of the "no fixed parking space" in the working place, and 0.21% were unable to construct charging piles because of "other" reasons. The proportion of piles is 0.39%.

Ranking and details of the number of charging piles in provincial administrative regions (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan)

Pile and pile information statistics