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Beijing iametal new energy technology co., Ltd. is a high - tech enterprise with independent research and innovation ability. adhering to scientific and technological innovation, leading the future concept, focusing on scientific research investment, actively absorbing talents, now has a strong research and development team of 100 people in the field of lithium batteries, including 31 middle and senior professional and technical personnel, doctor and master The R&D personnel are specializing in electrochemistry, materials science, chemical engineering, physics, automation, machinery and other disciplines. The company consists of negative material department, positive material department, energy storage battery department, solid-state battery technology research and development department, lithium battery recovery technology department, analysis and testing platform and other research and development departments, after a long period of research and development innovation and technology accumulation, formed its own unique process and product system. At present, the company has dozens of international leading patents in the field of secondary batteries, and has formed a relatively complete independent intellectual property system. The company's strong research platform and sustained R&D investment ensure that the R&D team can continue to innovate and provide a lasting driving force for the development of enterprises.